African American Identity

Many Rivers to Cross – The Shaping of an African American Identity
A review of African American history and culture from Slavery, Reconstruction, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Great Migrations through Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

Native American Identity

Blood and Thunder: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
A review of the  collision course between Euro-Americans and the indigenous people of the continent, from the early interactions at English settlements on the Atlantic coast, through successive centuries of encroachment and outright warfare.

Migration and Movement

Journey of Hope: Great Migrations and the Transformation of America
A review of various groups who moved to, from, and within the United States adapted to their new social and physical environments and transformed North America.



Politics and Power

Life of the Party: The Origin and Transformation of  American Political Parties [POL]
A review of the development of American political parties–from their origins in the 1790s through  political cycles, key elections realignments that shaped our political system.

Work, Exchange and Technology

Land of Promise: An Economic History of the United States 
A review of economic history, beginning with pre-colonial era, through the development of different economic and labor systems, advances in technology, and the role government policy have shaped American society

APUSH Review

Welcome to APUSH Exam Review.  This site is designed to help Advanced Placement United States History students and teachers prepare for the National Exam in May. Each thematic cluster will guide you through the designated AP Time Periods,  focusing on key illustrative examples to help you make content connections.

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